The best way you can contribute to the project right now is to download the client and share your files! Happy downloading.

You have two available options to install Phosphor:

1. WebStart (recommended)
2. Plain Java.

If you choose the plain java version then make sure have Java 2 Runtime installed.

1. Installation Using WebStart

If you download WebStart then the following link will automatically start Phosphor every time you click on it.

Phosphor Client (WebStart)

Please note that the signatures are not registered with a trusted third party yet, so WebStart will recommend that you do not start them.
Previous versions of the programs can not be running or webStart will get messed up.

2. Plain Java Installation

If you are not sure the WebStart option above is easier.

Unzip the the files into a directory.

On windows you can double click on runme.bat, or on:

client.jar to start the Client,
server.jar to start the Server,
loadserver.jar to start the LoadServer.

On other platforms you can use the java -jar command like so:
java -jar client.jar


The following ports are used for the three programs that make up Phosphor to communicate with eachother:

  • Client to client - 5043
  • Client to server - 5044
  • Client to loadserver - 5045
  • Server to loadserver- 5046
  • Server to server - 5047 (for cross server searches)
  • Loadserver to loadserver - 5048 (to allow the spreading of alternate loadservers through the network)

Running A Server

If you would like to host your own server or loadserver you can start them with webstart like the client.
They are also included in the plain java files above. We are in need of stable servers,
and contributing to the project this way is very much appreciated.

Server - Connects clients together. Holds file descriptions.
LoadServer - Allows clients to find servers. Holds server descriptions.

If the GUI is hogging too many system resources there is an experimental console version.
It will be improved if there is a demand for this feature. See the README file for more info.