Included below are various screenshots of the client, server and load server that are used to share files, provide access
to shared files and allow you to become part of the Phosphor network.


Client Chat Screen - the chat capabilites of phosphor, including banning capabilites plus the use of emoticons and different fonts.
Client Search Screen - where advanced searches can be started, results can be pinged and requests for downloads can be made.

Client Transfers Screen - the transfers screen shows the status of all requests made, their locations and the file information.
Client Server Screen - where server information is shown and the servers you are currently connected to.
Client Shared Files Screen - where you can choose which files you want to share with other users.

Client Options - the options tab for the client where properties such as max downloads limit and connections can be set.
Client Options, General Tab - where proxy information and advanced network setup can be changed.

Client Options, Advanced Tab - advanced options relating to file transfer and timout options.
Client Help Screen - the help system front end for offline help.


Server, Clients Tab - all the information relating to the clients connected and those which have been blocked.
Server, Load Server Tab - where connections to additional load servers can be setup.

Load Server

Load Server - where registration to other load servers can be setup.