Welcome to Phosphor!

Phosphor is a peer-to-peer file sharing program which can be used to search for and download files of all types as well as share your own.

A user friendly GUI combined with useful features make Phosphor one of the strong contenders in the file sharing market. Expect a more reliable, friendly, faster and efficient file sharing experience.

Download phosphor for youself now and join the internet file sharing revolution!

Listed below are some of the features that Phosphor has now, expect Phosphor to get only better.


  • Works on all systems with Java (e.g. Windows and Unix)
  • Share any file type: music, video, applications
  • Advanced search options for accurate results
  • Chat capabilities
  • Hotlist support
  • Cross server searches
  • System specific features like ping and system tray
  • Scalable without a large strain on the network
  • Open source and non-commercial
  • XML network protocol